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DESTINY'S CHILD with Jujubee

We've got Good Juju today! Drag Race supreme icon Jujubee joins Cheryl to chat about her new album, Essex accents, and Destiny's Child! Plus, they answer your Twitter questions!

GIRL GROUP GAMES with Jan and Jackie Cox

Cue the air horn! In a special GGG, Cheryl invites Season 12 Queens Jan and Jackie to test their girl group knowledge through what might be the gayest game show ever!

SUGABABES with Blu Hydrangea and Keisha Buchanan

Chezzer is joined once again by Ms. Hydrangea, this time to discuss the Sugababes - their looks, their videos, and their top five songs! They then get the chance to chat with original Sugababes member Keisha Buchanan, who spills the tea on all things Sugababes.

THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS with Jan, Ashley Roberts, and Kimberly Wyatt

Doncha wish you could sing like them? Legendary show stopping diva of season 12 Jan joins Chez this week to talk about the iconic PCD! Later, they're joined by a couple dwolls themselves, Ashley Roberts & Kimberly Wyatt of The Pussycat Dolls!

THE SATURDAYS with Riyadh Khalaf and Mollie King

YouTube star and author Riyadh Khalaf joins Cheryl to gush about one of their favorite girl groups named after a day of the week - the Saturdays! They’re joined by the renowned Saturday herself, Mollie King, who spills the tea on all things band related as well as some of her favorite moments of being a part of such an iconic girl group.

TOP 5 GIRL GROUPS with Blu Hydrangea

In the first episode of Girl Group Gossip, Cheryl Hole chats with her RuPaul's Drag Race UK sister, Blu Hydrangea about all things girl groups. Join these two divas as they count down their Top 5 girl groups of all time.

Girl Group Gossip Trailer

Cheryl Hole loves her girl groups, and she's here with a brand new podcast to discuss her very favorites! Tune in Thursday, July 9 for the premiere!

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